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Graze Shopping

This morning after going to exercise class, I got home and had hit two supermarkets and was rushing to meet the third for a delivery. Ironically the first shop I went to was the one delivering.

Ok, you probably think I am mad but there is a method to my madness. The first shop I went into was Waitrose ( high end supermarket for those not familliar) which does amazing markdowns on food that is approaching its sell by date. There I grabbed two packages of duck breasts for £3.99, marked down from £7.99 which beats my lovely butcher who sells his for £5.

I then popped into Tesco to buy organic milk then trotted home to meet the Ocado (Waitrose) delivery man. There are a few reasons I ordered a delivery from Waitrose, the first in almost five years, they are: my favourite wine is on sale for 25% off, they also offered my 25% off my shopping bill up to £15 and the items I purchased all price match Tesco, the store I usually order from. In the end, I got wonderful Ocado service and did not spend a penny more than I would at Tesco.

Does anyone else have shopping schizophrenia? It gets worse, tomorrow when I am working close to a Lidl and an Asda, I will be visiting them both on my lunch hour. Lidl (super cheap discounter) has fantastic goats cheese, Serrano ham, Italian cheeses and rocket (arugla), where Asda does cat litter liners and resealable bags cheaper than anywhere else. I don’t pop into Asda every week but I do pop into Lidl because you never know what they may have. Before Christmas, I grabbed some nice wine glasses at less then a £1 a glass, cooked lobster for £5.99 and another time I got plants for my garden. You never know what they might have. If you are curious, have a look at their website, it gives you a hint of what is coming in, the new stuff hits on a Thursday.

Please leave me a comment to tell me I am not the only crazy person that juggles her shopping loyality. I don’t think I could be true just to one vendor when there might be a bargain around the corner.

6 thoughts on “Graze Shopping”

  1. Just found your site, by accident, wow, I have just done my first shop in Lidl, what a difference, veg very fresh and cheap and lots of European ingredients

  2. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for commenting! I wish we had coupons in the UK, but unfortunately, we don’t but we do have the wonderful which compares prices.

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