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Dec 3, 2012 Shopping , , , 5 Comments

When I was in my local Sainsburys  the other day, I noticed they are trying to do the £1 trick with produce.

Do they think we are stupid? They are charging £1 for  a single head of prepackaged broccoli (approx 300g) when next to it they are charging 65p for a loose head of broccoli (approx 325g).

Are we that stupid that we don’t realize that putting a bit a shrink wrap does not increase the size of a head of broccoli. The loose broccoli was over 60% cheaper than the plastic wrapped ones in the next bin.

It frightens me a bit that retailers think consumers are dim witted and can’t figure out prices.  They seem to think that if they slap an Only £1 sticker on anything we will buy it.

Please dear readers read the label before you buy.  Don’t get suckered into the Only £1 game.  Even when you are in Poundland or Pound World there is a good chance that the item you are buying will only be 68p somewhere else.

Has you seen this in practice? Drop me a comment.



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