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Beat the £1 Trap

Bear trap

When I was in my local Sainsburys  the other day, I noticed they are trying to do the £1 trick with produce.

Do they think we are stupid? They are charging £1 for  a single head of prepackaged broccoli (approx 300g) when next to it they are charging 65p for a loose head of broccoli (approx 325g).

Are we that stupid that we don’t realize that putting a bit a shrink wrap does not increase the size of a head of broccoli. The loose broccoli was over 60% cheaper than the plastic wrapped ones in the next bin.

It frightens me a bit that retailers think consumers are dim witted and can’t figure out prices.  They seem to think that if they slap an Only £1 sticker on anything we will buy it.

Please dear readers read the label before you buy.  Don’t get suckered into the Only £1 game.  Even when you are in Poundland or Pound World there is a good chance that the item you are buying will only be 68p somewhere else.

Has you seen this in practice? Drop me a comment.


5 thoughts on “Beat the £1 Trap”

  1. I agree with this! Alot of the ‘deals’ are not often deals at all and you really need to shop around to find the best ones. This does take time however which maybe a reason why a lot of these ‘£1 deals’ exist.

    Abi x

  2. Most people are too lazy to consider this and some are fooled by the packaging.The supermarkets have done their research and know this kind of thing works,so they will keep doing it.At the end of the day if you are not prepared to take a bit of time and look at things in the supermarket,then you will be duped.

  3. Spot on Mike! That’s why we have to be more viligant especially since our disposible income seems to be shrinking daily.

  4. Today in Sainsburys they were doing a branded toilet bleach for £1 and I was (for a second) tempted to buy it but then I realised bleach is bleach and as I usually by the economy one at 27p it wasn’t really a saving.

    The fact that supermarkets and the Poundshop use tactics like this must be because they work which for me says that they need to be giving children financial education in schools.

  5. Hi Gemma, thanks for commenting. I totally agree that we need financial education in schools. It is terrifying how people don’t know how to budget which then leaves them vulnerable to pay day loan sharks.

    We all fall into that it’s only £1 trap. Well done on knowing that bleach is bleach and you can spend the other 73p on something else.

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