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5 Tricks To Spend Less At The Supermarket - The Lean Times


Jun 24, 2012 Shopping , , 2 Comments

We all know the scenario, we pop into our local supermarket for a couple of items and we walk out with half a shopping cart.  There are a few psychological tricks you can play on yourself to spend less.

1. Stick to the list – we all know this one but many of us just can resist going off list. Give the BOGOFs a miss and walk on by the discounted ice cream.

2. Only use cash – if you use a debit or credit card we spend up to 30% more.  Visit the cash point first and only take out as much as you need so you won’t be able to spend any extra.

3.  Use a basket not a trolley, if you are carrying your shopping around you are less likely to buy off your list.  I bring my shopping basket into the store empty and once it is full or just heavy enough that I can carry it home, I know it is time to stop shopping.

4. Never shop when you are hungry – I know we all have heard this one before but how many of us really stick to it? I will get a small snack before I hit the supermarket to avoid over buying.

5.  No browsing – you are in the supermarket to buy food not leisurely shop for shoes so make it a quick in&out job.  Know the layout of your store and pretend you are on Supermarket Sweep. Have a blinders on to anything that is not on your list.

Do you have any other hints how to spend less at the supermarket? Drop me a comment.


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