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Jul 9, 2014 Productivity , , 4 Comments

My television is broken.  I am feeling sad but at the same time a bit challenged and liberated. I feel challenged because I don’t think I have lived without a TV since 1984.It is strange not to hit the remote five minutes after getting in from work. It is a bad habit, I know but I sometimes find American programmes comforting being an Expat living in London, sort of like junk food for the brain.

I am tens days in, being sans television and it has not been as painful or lonely as I had feared. It is quite interesting to have to entertain yourself especially if you live a alone, which I do 70% of the time. So far the only slightly bumpy time I have had was Sunday evening, you know that 6-8pm period when it is not quite still the weekend and you don’t really feeling running around getting ready for the coming week. I did get through it quite painlessly with the help of some downloaded TV shows.

Now I am thinking do I really need television? I have calculated that I would save about £380 which is nearly $625, taking into account the cable bill and TV License. Yes we have to pay for TV here in the UK to the tune of £142.50 a year ($235), yipes. That is not even thinking about the electricity the TV uses. That is a tidy sum that could be used towards my debt free goal or doing more crafts or buy some shoes or handbags, and the list goes on.

The reasons I have found not having a television liberating is: I am not thinking what is on now, I feel a bit smug that I am living without a TV like a true bohemian and I am hoping that I will get more done. So far I seem to have gotten a lot more done – I have baked muffins (a rarity like a solar eclipse), listed 10 items on Ebay, written more blog posts and have started reading more – not too shabby.

I will I keep up the momentum? Will the novelty of silence wear thin and I will watch bad TV again but this time on my laptop?   Will I get cozy in front of the box as soon as it is repaired and forget about the cost, my productivity level when it was broken and my bohemian smugness? Do you have any thoughts on going cold turkey on television? Have you done and now live a more exciting and productive life? I was wondering dear reader what is your take on television, please leave me a comment.


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