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Aug 11, 2014 Productivity , , , , , , , , 7 Comments
This is the time of year when we buy our diary for next year – do you buy a day to a page, a weekly view or just a monthly view.  Maybe you have done away with diaries all together and just use an online calendar?  I seem to try to combine too many methods and lose productivity in the end.I am always looking for more, better ways to be productive.  I seem to like using Mark Forster Auto Focus System   It is very simple to use and it does help me to  get things done.  The main part of finding a system is to find one that you will actually use. That is why I have gone with one of the simplest ones that I have found.Where I fall down is  with my diary, I just don’t write in it. I used to love my Filofax, oh to have everything in one place. Then I gave it up in the late 90’s because I found it a bit bulky to carry and all the accessories can really add up.  It is funny that there seems to be a resurgence in Filofax love, regardless that an insert diary costs more than a Moleskine.
After my beloved Filofax, I played with several sizes of  diary with various rates of success but at that time my life was very different as I had a full time job so no extra projects to keep a handle on.  These days we all try to keep so many balls in the air, it has become a rarity for someone just to have a full time job and a personal life.  I have a couple of blogs, write for Totally Money, have an Etsy shop all while trying to pay the mortgage.   I feel as though my time is stretched and I must be more organized.
For the coming year, I have opted for a page a day diary where I can hopefully combine my daily to do list with my diary. I have been reading up on productivity and the one suggestion that keep cropping up is to write your to do list before going to bed.  I am jumping on that bandwagon as they say writing your list before bed makes for better sleep.
How do you manage your productivity?  It looks as though we will be busier trying to find alternative streams of income with this recession continuing. We will be time poor as well as cash strapped.  Please leave me a comment on how you manage your time.  Are there any tricks you do to make yourself get things done.  Are you still in love with your Filofax, tell me why.


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