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A Little Play EQUALS Being More Productive - The Lean Times


Apr 27, 2015 Productivity , , , 1 Comment

Since I started The Lean Times, I have been trying to push myself to always use my time in a constructive manner. I am always looking for ways to be more productive;  I listen to podcasts or audiobooks when I am taking public transportation as it is usually too crowded to read.  I find myself constantly thinking about what I should be doing, whether it is writing a post, putting something in the slow cooker, sewing, washing the cat,  etc – you get the idea.  I was exhausting myself and not really getting as much as I would like done.

Then one day on the tube, I saw someone playing Scrabble on their iphone and I immediately wanted that app.  I have found that for me,  if I take a bit of time out for fun, the more productive I can be.  I am now going to attempt to schedule (still a control freak) fun stuff.

I have several activities that I love but just have not made time for recently – reading fiction, watching films, listening to audiobooks that are not about personal finance.  I am sure there are a lot more but it has been awhile since I have given myself a break from trying to be productive.

Has any of my lovely readers found the same phenomenon that when you take a break, you actually get more real stuff done?  Also what are your favourite things to do in your down time, besides drink wine, of course.


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