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Podcast Number Two – Meal Planning


Here is podcast number two which is all about meal planning.  There are several reasons you should plan your meals –

  1. Saves money
  2. Eliminates waste
  3. More environmentally friendly
  4. Cleaner way of eating – less trans fats and chemicals

So you should give it a listen and drop me a comment.


Items/Links mentioned in this session

Eat the Seasons – UK

Eat the Seasons – US and Canada

Take One Chicken

2 thoughts on “Podcast Number Two – Meal Planning”

  1. Enjoyed No 2 podcast. Lots of food for thought. Especially you point about how much food we have in our storecupboards. A propos of Take One Chicken, there’s rice salad with chicken. Tom Yam Kung spicey Thai soup with chicken. Chicken Coronation but easy on that mayonnaise.

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