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These are the Summertime Rules

There are a few things I do in warmer weather that I don’t do in the winter, so I thought I would do you lovely readers a little list of the Lean Summertime Rules.

Rule 1 – Lengthen the life of  your lipsticks and nail polishes by keeping them in the refrigerator.  I remember this tip when I got out a lipstick that I bought Duty Free  and had gone rancid in the warm cupboard.  I also keep perfume and foundation in the fridge too.

Rule 2 – Don’t buy expensive sunglasses if you have a tendency to lose them or let your kids play with and possibly break them.  If you take care of your designer frames then indugle yourself.  I must admitt I have been wearing the same pair of Persols for over 12 years and just bought a new different shape a year ago.

Rule 3 – Keep the sunshine out – what I mean by this is when in a heat wave,  close your blinds, pull your curtains and close your shades so your home will not heat up in the afternoon sun.

Rule 4 – Unplug it on holiday – when you go away, unplug all your non-essential appliances that use electricity.  I unplug my TV,  cable box,  wifi,  clock radio,  you get the idea.  The rule is unplug anything with a transformer that heats up.

Rule 5 – The most basic rule is to always carry a bottle of water so you are not the person that faints on the tube.

1 thought on “These are the Summertime Rules”

  1. Nice tips! Water is important any time of year, but especially in warm weather. I carry a 1-liter stainless steel bottle with me on errands and usually drink it all before I get home (and am still thirsty). It’s better than being dehydrated and ending the day with a headache or – as you said – fainting.

    I’ve never put toiletries in the refrigerator. I wear perfume oil now, but I do recall one summer when my alcohol-based perfume separated and smelled like nothing but alcohol!

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