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Take Inventory

A few times a year, I like to take inventory of the stuff in my flat from the food cupboards to my lingerie draw.  I tend to do this with the change of the seasons.  It is so rewarding to start each season knowing just what you have and what you will need from dried porcini mushrooms to new black tights.

In the kitchen – I do a lot of  internet food shopping for my heavier items like tinned tomatoes and beans, pasta, rice etc which means sometimes I buy things  just in case, then I end up with a surplus. At the moment, I seem to have a surplus of tinned tomatoes because in the summer, I use more fresh.

The other section of the kitchen that it is vital to do an inventory is the freezer.  That is a sort of out of sight, out of mind situation; if i don’t do regular inventories, I end up with inedible blocks of ice.

In the dressing room – yes, wouldn’t it be grand to have a dressing room but alas I don’t so this section is really in the chest of drawers.  I have a look at all my lingerie – do the bras still fit, are they looking grey and horrible. Next it is on to the underwear, then the most crucial to me – the tights drawer.  Nothing makes me crosser on a cold winter’s  morning than not to find a decent pair of black tights.

I also at the beginning of autumn, have a look at my sweaters to make sure no nasty moths have gotten in but if they have (heaven forbid) I get out the moth balls and wash everything in baby shampoo.

The last part of my inventory takes place in the medicine cabinet.  I check that I have the necessary pain and cold medicine and of course, Band-aids.

Do you do an inventory on a regular basis?  It is amazing the things you will have forgotten that you bought especially if you are a reformed shopper. I have found sweaters that I had forgotten about that are just the ticket for the upcoming season.

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