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A little R&R

Stop working and take a break

It has been an extremely long haul to get even near to a place of financial calm. We have watched our pennies, mended clothes, abstained from buying anything with the exception of food and necessities. 

Now we seem to be finally getting somewhere, fingers crossed another disaster doesn’t hit, that I decided we needed a little break. We have not left London in almost 3.5 years so when I saw one of my favourite bands playing in Paris, it was a great excuse for a little trip.

I have found that the best way to travel quite cheaply is by getting a package deal. We were taking the Eurostar which does a train and hotel deal. I found this the cheapest route to go.

Along with Tripadvisor, the brilliant site that gives real reviews by the customers, we found a great place to stay that cost next to nothing in the deal. If we would have booked the train and hotel separately it would have been a pricey trip that we couldn’t manage.

The other thing I always try to get when we travel is a kitchenette in our room, having a refridgerator is so handy. You can have snacks and drinks so you don’t always have to go to a cafe or restuarant. We actually found some really OK wine for 4euros in the supermarket.

The other thing I adore is getting breakfast where we are staying. There is nothing worse then having to go out to get coffee and food when you are starving. Also when you have breakfast you can plan your day in a leisurely manner and eat enough to keep you going for a good part of the day.

All in all our little rest&relaxation trip was a success. We stayed a Citadines, an apartment hotel. We ate good food that was much cheaper than eating out in London and got to have a lovely weekend away from computers and work.

I do think it is important to once in a while give yourself a little break to recharge your batteries. And in this case, it was wonderful to recharge our relationship by just hanging out and taking in different scenery.

I hope we will continue to make progress in our quest for debt freedom but I am delighted that we stepped back and smelled the roses for a couple of days.

2 thoughts on “A little R&R”

  1. Sounds like you had some much deserved time and space. Building up some free cash to go travelling is one of my long term ambitions, currently not possible.
    And what was the band you went to see in Paris? I’m curious…

  2. Hi Alex, thanks for stopping by! It was lovely to go away and have a change of scenery. We went to see Maximo Park. You can usually see UK bands in much smaller, more intimate venues abroad. We don’t really have the opportunity to travel even if we had the funds as we are both freelance.

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