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Ripped but Not Ruined

Being Lean is all about seeing extra benefits in items.  Today I am thinking about old, ripped or laddered tights.  There are so many uses for old tights, here are a few that have come to mind.

1. Cut into loops to use as hair ties.  No snags from any metal parts. Utilize the tops of the tights to make headbands.

2. Use the toe part of the tights to make moth ball holders for your closet.  Pop a couple of moth balls and tie around the hanging rail.

3. Make a herbal bath – tie a knot at one end of the leg, fill with lavender, chamomile or any other herb you like then tie the other end and position under the tap.  A lovely bathing experience.

4. Cat toys – the same idea as the herbal bath but filled with cat nip. Use the heavier tights for cat toys or there might be cat nip all over.

5. Cut the last scraps of your tattered tights to make ties for your tomato plants or any other plants that need to to tethered to to sticks to grow.

5a. The fiancé just chipped in, you can also wear them over your face when you have your next meeting with your bank manager.

5 thoughts on “Ripped but Not Ruined”

  1. I’d add:

    -use to stuff homemade cloth toys, to make draft dodgers
    -use to store onions: tie off at the top of each onion,hang in the pantry from the top of the hosery, snip away each time you need a new onion-less mess from the skins also
    -place a stocking over the washing machine hose (let extend a few inches, this should not be a tight fit across the opening) that drains into a laundry tub sink (that’s how our home was set up) and let the hose catch the lint, so that your pipes don’t clog. Simply toss the hose once it’s filled to the brim with lint!
    -fill with scraps and slivers of bar bath soap. Tie shut and use at a scrub sink (I’ve heard that some keep these outside in the garage/greenhouse). the hosery add a bit of abrasive action while scrubbing

  2. If you have two pair of the same type and each has a run in one leg, cut off the bad leg of each pair and wear both pair at once. You’ve extended the life of your nylons and gotten an additional boost of tummy control.

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