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Make Haste Make Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, yipes! So what is a Lean girl to do?  Make gifts of course!  It is a bit late to learn to knit so I am proposing for you to make lovely food gifts.  How many people need more stuff?  I am trying to clear out my clutter, to start 2009 lighter. I don’t want un-necessary things hanging around until I re-gift, car boot or charity shop them.  I love gifts that I can consume.

The first gift that people thing of at Christmas, especially Americans, is cookies.  A Google search will give you zillions of cookie recipes but I am more of a savoury person so I have found a few ideas for you.

I am planning to make cocktail party baskets, which include flavoured nuts, cheese straws, fromage fort and a nice bottle of wine.  How am I going to pull this off Leanly?  Easy.  First I order my wine from the supermarket that has the best wine on offer, my choice this year is Tesco Wine Direct.  I immediately order a couple of cases of my favourite Rioja to be delivered with the rest of my Xmas wine which means if you order more than £99 the delivery is free. If you don’t need that much go in with a friend as to beat the £5 delivery charge.

Now I get to work cooking – I go to my local Middle Eastern Shop to buy the nuts for the Cajun Cocktail Nuts, then to the supermarket for ingredients for the Cheese Straws. Now the Fromage Fort, what is Fromage Fort, you ask?  It is the Leanest dip/spread around.  It is made from all your leftover cheese, a splash of wine, and garlic thrown into the food processor.  Et voila, a fabulous spread.

The only thing you might need to add to your cocktail basket is some bread or crackers to go with the Fromage Fort.  My other little touch is a sprig of mistletoe tied with a red bow to really get the party going.

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