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Christmas Panic!

keep calm and carry on poster

Ok, Christmas is almost here and I am guessing that a lot of us are in a panic about how much we have all spent.  What are we to do? Keep calm and carry on, of course.  This WW2 saying pretty much says it all.  No matter what is going on in our lives, Christmas is here and we pretty much have to grin and bear it.

My best suggestion is to look over all the gifts you have purchased and tally up how much you have spent.  Lots of us get over excited and go a bit wild with over buying.  So look at how much you spent on each person and decide whether there is anything you can cull and return.  Also make sure you utilise any gifts you can regift.  Yes, regift.  It is not a cardinal sin to pass on perfectly fine gifts that didn’t suit you and may make someone else very happy. You know that bath set from Aunt Mary that smells like violets, when you are musky kind of girl.

Another tip is to try to do the festive gift giving thing after Christmas so you take advantage of the Boxing Day sales.  I know everyone suggests that but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it.

We are going to be facing some tough times ahead and planning will be vital.  When I see a nice little gift type things such as these sparkly toe dividers for home pedicures in Sephora in Spain, I bought a few sets.  They were only 3€ which was about £3.50 or $5.  All you need to do is add some nail polish in whatever colour is in fashion and you have a cool gift.

Also Ebay will be bursting with unwanted gifts after Christmas, which if you have any funds left will be a great hunting ground for future gifts.

If you did overspend this Christmas please keep reading this blog.  I will hopefully be able to help you out with hints and tips to get through the rough patches.  Next year, I am planning to bring in some fabulous guest writers.  Have a very happy and healthy Christmas!  Vxx

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