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Jun 3, 2009 Health , , , , , 6 Comments

In a moment of slight madness, I have joined the Personal Finance Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge, which is being hosted by Baker at ManVSDebt.
Boy, am I glad I did! I have not owned a scale in years so when out got one and hopped on – YIPES!!! I had no idea actually how much I weighed so bring on the challenge.
In doing my research in how to tackle this weighty problem I discovered SparkPeople. Which is an amazing website that will help you tally up your daily eating then analyze it by how much carbs, protein and fat you consumed. I can spend hours on this site putting in recipes and it telling you the facts about them.

In looking for recipes I looked back at Sexy Packed Lunches part Deux where I mentioned Chunky Gazpacho, the ultimate diet food. Then immediately whipped up a batch. This is the perfect food, filling, more than your five a day of vegetables and in season so cheap to make. Very LEAN.

A few of my other favourite recipes are Mexican Scrambled Eggs and Flash Fried Steak with White Bean Mash by the fabulous Nigella Lawson. I absolutely adored the mashed cannelli beans, which taste very decadent.

The next thing I have to tackle is exercise so I am going to walk more and take the bus less.

Do you have any tips or recipes to help Team Epsilon, which is my team by the way. Go Team!!!


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