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Debt And Depression A Connection??? - The Lean Times


May 4, 2015 Health , , , 8 Comments


Is there a link between being depressed and being in debt?  I guess this is a chicken and the egg kind of question.  Lots, I mean LOTS of women use shopping as a chemical pick me up.  (I have a friend that tripled her wardrobe while going through a particularly bad break-up.)

The problem is when the new purchase glow is fading the dreaded credit card bill comes in and if you can’t afford to pay the balance in full, you start to feel depressed again.

We should not be shopping willy nilly anyway.  Planning is our friend.  Now say it with me planning is our friend. Keep repeating while walking past that shop window.

I think all this ‘the end is nigh’ in the media about the credit crunch is making us all very depressed so what do we do? Buy luxury items.  Make hay while the sun is shining; we could be living in a cardboard box next week.

A case in point –
The other day I wanted to treat my beloved to a lovely M&S ‘pop in the oven’ leg of lamb. This is not something I do often, I can’t remember the last time I bought dinner at M&S and it was not on offer.  I was only planning on buying the meat there then preparing a salad and defrosting bread from my market shop on Saturday. So off to the shops I went and who would believe that two quite large outlets in central London would have nothing left on the shelves.  I thought the rest of London and possibly the world were supposed to be cutting back.  I couldn’t even depression spend because the rest of west London got there first.
Do you feel the urge to shop when feeling down?  What do you fancy buying?  Does something small and inexpensive fulfil the same need as something pricey?


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