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Susie Homemaker? Oh no!


Usually I plan and write my weekly menu on Monday but today I am stuck with some horrible flu that refuses to go away.  I was really ill in bed yesterday but dragged myself into the kitchen to make chicken stock and to dry some tomatoes, both which were on their last legs.  Being ill, the idea of eating or cooking is not very appealing but my frugal conscience got the best of me. The thought of having to throw them out made me feel so wasteful.

I am afraid that my frugal mindset is turning me into Susie Homemaker, a worrying idea. I am a former fashionista, I am not supposed to be a dungaree wearing house frau. This is a scary life turn around. Last week I went into Selfridges (the fab department store) and I realized I had not been there in six months.  I used always be poking around looking for new and exciting finds.

Does taking up the frugal lifestyle while trying to pay off some bills change your whole outlook? While walking around Selfridges I was shocked at how busy it was.  The tills were ringing, there were queues to pay.  The thought of how these people can afford to splash out in this recession kept running through my mind.  I started to worry about their credit card debt.

Am I taking my decision to live a more frugal life too far?  I would love to hear from anyone else that has found their ideas changing radically.  Living frugally is not like becoming a vegetarian, should I scorn everything fun and pretty like it is a lamb chop? Thoughts please.

2 thoughts on “Susie Homemaker? Oh no!”

  1. We’re in an area that’s not really affected by the recession, but we’ve lived frugally for years to pay off debt and stay in budget.
    I have to give myself some “fun money” each month, if I don’t when we have a little extra I blow it- it’s like a fast and binge circle- I hold off for so long that I get crazy after a while and spend more than I should.
    But I think it does change your outlook and it nice to get some friends that aren’t materially minded as well, that really helps. Then slowly you realized that time spent with people is more fun and more important than things that you have.

  2. Oh, well, it does sort of turn you into a suzie homemaker I suppose, I mean, the home, the KITCHEN is usually one of the first places you can noticably save money, you know? But I have to say, it’s kinda fun being a homebody. Some people give us a hard time because hubby & I never go out but I would much rather stay home, have cocktails & appetizers and make a stellar meal at my place rather than pay someone for poor service and a so so dinner.

    I’ve noticed that some places seem to be thumbing their nose at the ‘recession’ so to speak. My g/f had her 50th birthday last week at the casino (Hard Rock, Holllywood) and the place was mobbed. $4 for a bottle of beer just kind of rubbed me the wrong way though, but people were drinking & playing and like you, I started to worry about THEIR debt 🙂

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