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My Frugal Confession(s) Part 1 - The Lean Times


Aug 20, 2011 Frugality , , , 3 Comments

The time has come lovely readers to tell you the truth, I am a fake. Yup, I don’t always walk the frugal walk.  I have tried my best to be a good frugalista but there are some things that I am just not good at.

Here is my frugal confession and please don’t hate me.

The first part of my confession is that I am a rotten gardener.  I have a kitchen garden allotment that was given to me by my local council as part of a scheme to get residents to eat more vegetables.  I loved the idea of growing my own veg but unfortunately my plot does not get enough sun to grow the vegetables, we like to eat and I don’t really like to get my hands dirty.

It also comes down to the time versus money dilemma – I live near a very good market and it is cheaper on my time to buy vegetables.  I know I am not getting the satisfaction of having grown my own food but I do get more time to play with people on Twitter and Facebook. (By the way do you follow me?)

I have more frugal confessions but I think that is enough for one session. Please don’t hate me dear reader.

Do you have a frugal confession?  Step into the confessional and leave a comment.


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