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Is Frugality Addictive?

I started full speed ahead on my highway to frugality about 2.5 years ago.  I must admit that it did take me a bit to really get going but now I am at full throttle. The odd thing is once frugality becomes a habit, you don’t realize you are doing it.  It becomes second nature, a way of living.

The frugal things that have become a habit for me are:

I bring my coffee and lunch to work everyday.

I cook every night, we will have a takeaway once every three months if that.

I visit the library on a regular basis so buying a book is a rarity.

I grow a windowsill herb garden which adds so much to my cooking.

I buy my fruit and veg at the market not the supermarket – much cheaper on seasonal food.

I religiously use My Supermarket to find the best buys on my regular shop.

I stay out of clothing shops – if I don’t see it I won’t want to buy it.

Since these ways of life has become habit, I find doing a ‘normal’ thing strange. Last week I needed to buy my lunch, something I have not done in ages and boy, did I feel guilty.

It is also strange when you want to treat yourself; I find myself still asking the questions – do I really need this item? Can I get it cheaper elsewhere?  And am I sure I can’t live without it?  I know with the new fashion season upon us, I am going to need some new stuff but an not relishing the idea of shopping for it.

Do you have any frugal, ie good, habits that you need to break once in a while?

2 thoughts on “Is Frugality Addictive?”

  1. What could be more satisfying than watching my savings grow and grow? That’s why frugality is very addictive.

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