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Fur Coat No Knickers

Yes you read it correctly, but the definition I am using is – looking good on the outside without anything on the inside.  I have been looking kind of ok on the outside but have been  keeping it together with spit and gum.  In what way you ask?  I have been doing a bit too much living hand to mouth – I was made redundant from one of my more lucrative freelance gigs and have been surviving on a little more than half of what I was used to, for the past four months.

Now that I am in full time employment, at least for the time being (ah the freelance life), I am noticing how much I have been making due.  I am more that delighted to live on a tight budget but after receiving a few decent pay packets and getting ahead on some bills, I have realized how much my standards have lowered.

I am very lucky to have worked in fashion for enough years that I have a few good items, even though by now most of them are considered vintage.  But hey, vintage is cool and if you buy good stuff, take care of it , it will last. So I am looking sort of alright in my new freelance position at a fashion magazine.  I supplemented my basics with a few new GAP t shirts and accessorize like crazy.

But if you look underneath – I have not bought any new underwear in about three years, I buy really strong opague tights that usually three pairs will last me an entire season with washing them in rotation.  I take good care of my shoes; I have had the same pair of boots for six years.  I actually have two of the same exact style because I loved them so much, I hunted down another pair on Ebay.

It is in my flat where life is really making due.  My beloved and I only have two plates, yes two, so we can’t have anyone over for dinner. We did have more but alas they have all gone to plate heaven.  We also are down to one and a half  sets of sheets, not ideal if you have to wait for the sheets to dry before getting to make the bed.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well it is quite interesting how you can get used to a situation.  I didn’t really think about not having enough dishes until we met a couple that we really wanted to have over for dinner. I was used to not buying myself clothes and making due. And the sheet thing, I have asked for some for Xmas and bought the missing component sheet on eBay.

Have you ever realized how hand to mouth you were living in hindsight?  Please drop me a comment and tell me about your situation.






2 thoughts on “Fur Coat No Knickers”

  1. I like this post in a very ‘not like’ way. I know what you mean and I am very happy to see that you have raised the issue about getting used to situations. My question would be: what are you going to do to get out of this situation? Frugality can be a virtue but taken to an extreme it can suck the joy out of life.

  2. Hi Maria, thanks for commenting. I did get used to the situation but not because I got comfortable with it but because other obligations came before by dishes and sheets. Now that I am in full time employment for at least a month, I am working on getting on getting back to +1, which is what I call the life I am comfortable with – a full set of dishes, two sets of sheets and the bills paid on time. If I am lucky, I might even payoff my smallest debt in the next week.

    Frugality is an end to a means. Even though we only have two plates, my beloved and I live a great life. I choose to be frugal in these difficult financial times. I don’t see the point of waste, even if a person can afford it.

    Thanks for commenting! I hope you do again soon.

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