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Can You Be Too Frugal For Your Own Good?

This week, I had a debate with myself.  I was in desperate need of a visit to the hairdresser, it had been months and I was way past being able to fake it.  I was given the name of a hairdresser that is cheaper than my lovely one that I have been going to for years.  I did not know if I should risk it and spend less but might have a hair nightmare for a few months or to suck up the expense and know that I would have fab hair for months.

I felt a bit like a miser, trying to get cut priced haircare when the person I go to already rewards my loyalty with a discount. Sometimes you have to weigh up how your frugality will effect you in the end. If I did go to the cheaper hairdresser, I could have ended up with an unflattering hair style for a while and if you are a woman that has ever had a bad hair experience, you know those months of waiting for it to grow can seem like years.

There are some things in life that work out better if you pay a little more. Sometimes being too frugal can bite you in the bum.  Here is a little list of fashion and beauty items that I think it is better not to cut corners too much.

1. Hair – you wear your head everyday, your hair is one of the first things people look at when they meet you.  It is not really a matter of price but if you find someone that can tame your tresses like no one else, treasure them.  I did go to my hairdresser in the end and of course have fabulous hair.

2. Skin – another basic thing for the same premise. Take care of your skin and it will take care of you. It is not a matter of how much you spend on skin cream but that you use it on a regular basis.

3. Winter coat and boots – in both these items, it is a matter of quality not quantity.  One well made, classic winter coat can last you for years as opposed to a cheap one that probably won’t keep you warm and look shabby in a month.  The same goes for boots.

Those are the crucial items on my list, what are yours?  I would add a good handbag but unless you are nearing the light at the end of your tunnel, but if not, you can probably wait on one of those.

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