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Slow Cooker in the Summer

Most people when they think of slow cookers and slow cooker recipes, they think about hardy stews with chunks of meat to warm you up on a cold winter’s night.   Not so I say, I use my slow cooker year round.

It is actually is even more economical to use in the hot, summer months.   Slow cookers do not heat up your house like an oven does, so your air conditioning does not have to work doubly  to keep your home cool.  I also love to come home to find dinner ready when I am too hot and bothered to be bothered to cook.  The summer seems to bring on more of these days when you spend all your energy trying to stay cool.

I have gathered a few summery recipes for the slow cooker –

Ratatouille in the Crock Pot – perfect for summer’s vegetable bounty. I would substitute fresh herbs at the end instead of the dried ones.  This recipe also freezes so you can have summer in the autumn.

Slow-cooker Beef Tacos – dinner is ready when you walk in the door.  What is better than that?  Kids love making their own tacos at the table, all you have to do is lay out the garnishes.

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork – this is the perfect week night supper when you would like to BBQ but just don’t have the time.  This recipe got four stars from my beloved.

Easy Lemony (Snicket) Chicken – all this chicken needs is a crispy salad and some bread to go with it. I like to up the flavour with garlic and thyme.

I hope these recipes make you get out your slow cookers and share the love.  Do you have any summer appropriate recipes for  the slow cooker?  Please drop me a comment, I am always looking for more clever ways to use my slow cooker.


3 thoughts on “Slow Cooker in the Summer”

  1. I totally agree that using the crockpot during the summer months was a brilliant genius revelation. I had a hard time finding recipes that weren’t overly heavy though. I’m definitely going to give all of these a try. Another one my kids and I love is crockpot taco soup. Delicious!

  2. Hi Christy, thanks for commenting and kindly sharing you taco soup. It was very difficult to find lighter recipes for the slow cooker, perhaps there is a gap in the market?

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