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Menu Monday August 27th 2012

Plumed woman at Notting Hill Carnival

Today is another day at Notting Hill Carnival, I have a little side gig there. Yesterday was very fun and had great atmosphere. Fingers crossed for today to be as good.

It is also my beloved’s birthday so between that and Carnival there will probably be lots of merriment.  I think we might need to detox this week.

Monday – Jerk chicken with rice and peas from Carnival.

Tuesday –  Pasta with fresh tomato and chorizo sauce

Wednesday – Hot and spicy tofu with brown rice

Thursday – Puy lentils and sausages

Friday – going out with beloved’s family for his birthday


For more menus visit OrgJunkie.


2 thoughts on “Menu Monday August 27th 2012”

  1. We had pasta with chorizo last week – I heard a good tip (on come dine with me) to fry off the chorizo slowly in olive oil and all the juices that come out make a great sauce when you add it to the tomato sauce!

  2. I love Come Dine with Me! I make a red pepper soup recipe off the show that is easy and brilliant. I did fry off the chorizo with some garlic and chili flakes then put in the baby plum tomatoes. It has turned into one of my favourite recipes as it is meaty enough for my beloved. Thanks for commenting.

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