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Menu Monday 9th November 2009

This is going to be a very Lean week for me. A small disaster has struck in the form of my shower pump dying, of course it happened when I was just about to rinse out my hair conditioner.  Of course I have not prepared my emergency fund, as I am working on the just about getting by method, which I would not recommend to my worst enemy.

In the spirit of this gloom, this week I am going to be spicing it up most of my meals in the hope that the chillies will boost my endorphins.  The chillies will also add some punch to my larder food.

Monday – Big batch of chili -one serving for me and three for the freezer.

Tuesday – Chili honey chicken with black beans and yellow rice

Wednesday – Fancy dinner for my beloved as he is fitting the new shower pump – Beef Wellington (bought at 75% off), mash potatoes with truffle oil and green beans.

Thursday – Back on the Lean wagon – Burritos with leftover chicken, rice and beans.

Friday – Pumkin Ravioli (bumped from a couple of weeks ago) with a big green salad

Saturday – that darn chili again with garlic bread.  It is a good thing I like chili, a lot.

Sunday – I will have my fingers crossed that my Ebay stuff will make me enough money to pay for the shower pump and a chicken to roast.

I am looking forward to next week when I am going to borrow a bread maker, to try my hand at pizza dough.  Stay tuned.

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