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Menu Monday 9th August 2010 - The Lean Times


Aug 9, 2010 Menu Monday , , , , 2 Comments

These past two weeks have been absolutely crazy!  I have not even had the time to my favourite thing, write my blog. So this week I am going to cheat – I am going to only make a few things that I can mix and match.

Weekend cooking – Black beans in the slow cooker.

Monday – Roast chicken with orzo and green vegetables.  I am making a big chicken so I have lots of leftovers.

Tuesday – Burritos with black beans and chicken

Wednesday – Greek salad with steamed fish – this is a definite cheat – Bird’s Eye Simply Fish is on sale.

Thursday – Rice and beans with salsa, maybe with some chicken if there is any left

Friday -Steak with mashed haricot beans and salad

Saturday –  Stock in slow cooker then risotto

Sunday – hopefully going out for anniversary meal

Sorry to be so boring lovely readers, but I need to get some stuff done as I am behind the eight ball.  I am hoping that with this cheat week , I can write some fantastic posts for you and hopefully get a tiny bit a head.


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