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Menu Monday 9th August 2010

These past two weeks have been absolutely crazy!  I have not even had the time to my favourite thing, write my blog. So this week I am going to cheat – I am going to only make a few things that I can mix and match.

Weekend cooking – Black beans in the slow cooker.

Monday – Roast chicken with orzo and green vegetables.  I am making a big chicken so I have lots of leftovers.

Tuesday – Burritos with black beans and chicken

Wednesday – Greek salad with steamed fish – this is a definite cheat – Bird’s Eye Simply Fish is on sale.

Thursday – Rice and beans with salsa, maybe with some chicken if there is any left

Friday -Steak with mashed haricot beans and salad

Saturday –  Stock in slow cooker then risotto

Sunday – hopefully going out for anniversary meal

Sorry to be so boring lovely readers, but I need to get some stuff done as I am behind the eight ball.  I am hoping that with this cheat week , I can write some fantastic posts for you and hopefully get a tiny bit a head.

2 thoughts on “Menu Monday 9th August 2010”

  1. Cheating is fine….you are still making food at home and not eating out. Hope you make good use of your extra time…can’t wait for the blog!

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