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Menu Monday 9th April 2012

 After a lovely Easter we still have some lamb leftover so I will be making it into a stew.

I recently discovered The Luna Cafe which is inspirational and has brilliant recipes.

Monday –  Creamy mushroom, pancetta and chilli penne

Tuesday – Moorish lamb and chickpea stew – this recipe looks great but I will to make some changes – first of all we don’t have that much lamb leftover and no homemade lamb stock but I do have lamb stock cubes and hot paprika.  If you try it please leave me a comment of any changes you had to make.

Wednesday – Early Spring salad of lentil and faro – I will use the rest of the chorizo from the lamb stew.

Thursday – Cheese burgers with latkes – I think I might need an easy cooking night.

Friday – Green Chile Mac and Cheese – I can’t wait to try this recipe, I think the green chile crema might become addictive.

Have a great week! Here in the UK, we have a four day weeks – hoowoo!

For more recipes visit OrgJunkie.


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