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Menu Monday 8th March 2010

Monday – Tonight we are finally making our pizza!  I must admit that I bought the dough frozen at Whole Foods but if this experiment goes well I  might attempt to make my own.  I am of a mind that if the bought dough is good I might just stick with it since it is inexpensive and time efficient. I am making the marinara for the pizza.   We are having prosciutto and rocket (arugula) on one half and artichokes on the other.

Tuesday – Slow Cooker Roast Chicken served with rice and salad.

Wednesday Going out – leftover chicken with salad after my meeting.

Thursday – La Tasca Salad – Fresh slices of beefsteak tomato, grilled goat’s cheese and Spanish olives.

Friday – Pan fried fish wrapped in Pancetta. Last time we made this we used Monk Fish that was amazing.  Hopefully we will find some other fish on sale to make.

Saturday – Big cooking day – I am planning to make some chilli or another type of stew for my next week’s lunches in my slow cooker.
For dinner – Pork with apples and Calvados.  I am going to serve just as Delia suggests with green beans and new potatoes.

Apologies for the late posting my server was down yesterday.

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  1. I have never attempted to make my own pizza before, but there is a great recipe for pizza dough in the Tightwad Gazette if you are ever interested in doing that homemade. 🙂

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