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Menu Monday 7th February 2011

This is an odd week for menu planning as I am going away but here it is.

Monday – Pork, ginger& black bean stir fry on rice

Tuesday -Roast chicken with buttered polenta

I will be away the rest of the week but my beloved is holding down the fort so I have prepared the following for him.  He is a good cook but it is nice to leave a few dishes just in case.

In the fridge – Chorizo and butter bean stew I will be using white beans instead of butter beans.

In the freezer – Bolognese sauce and chili.

I am back the following Wednesday so I am not sure I will be doing a menu on Monday as I usually base my menu on what I find on sale and in the market.  Have a great week.

1 thought on “Menu Monday 7th February 2011”

  1. The pork, ginger & black bean stir fry looks absolutely divine. We don’t do Asian dishes very often because my husband doesn’t care for anything with soy sauce. This recipe looks like it would be “safe.”

    I also leave meals for my husband when I go out of town.

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