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Menu Monday 6th August 2012

Since it is fairly warm here, not tropically warm but since this might be the best imitation of summer we are getting so it is salad time. I am working at home most of this week. I love to just get a few different salads out of the fridge for lunch. They also make great packed lunches.

I have just discovered Ten Dollar Dinners  on the Food Network US. I wish we had this programme as we need more budget conscious food television. Jamie Oliver does a great job at time conscious but I would love a show that did both.

Monday – Duck breasts with sweet potato-beet hash

Tuesday – Spanish omelette with tomato, red onion salad

Wednesday –  Orzo salad with cold chicken (from Sunday’s roast) and rocket leaves

Thursday – Sausage and roasted vegetable penne – Waitrose had beautiful Italian sweet sausages at the butcher counter last week, I hope they are still doing them.

Friday – Shrimp with cilantro pesto,  lentil quinoa salad  and tomato salad.

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