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Menu Monday 5th October 2009

Sorry lovely readers but Menu Monday is a bit late but at least I got it done.  This is a very thrifty week for me so I will be foraging in my cupboard and using up my freezer store. I made some lovely ratatouille on Sunday so that will feature big time as it doesn’t freeze very well.

Monday – Extra special treat a ribeye steak, I found in the bargain bin of the supermarket along with my ratatouille.

Tuesday – London Blogger Meetup – I am going to grab my nibbly supper there.

Wednesday – Chili from the freezer.  Don’t you love cooking ahead?

Thursday – Roast chicken and the end of Sunday’s ratatouille served with toasted pine nut cous cous.

Friday – Gorgonzola and red pepper omelette accompanied by a crunchy salad and fresh bread.

Saturday – Madras curry made from the leftover chicken with okra and various vegetables and rice.

Sunday – Family lunch with fiancé’s family for a birthday celebration.

This week I am also going to try to eat more fruit.  I am a weirdo that doesn’t eat fruit and I am going to attempt to change that.

2 thoughts on “Menu Monday 5th October 2009”

  1. I am terrible with my fruit eating. I have good intentions but there always seems to be something else I want to eat more.

    Case in point. I bought a bag of apples and a bag of pears. I’ve just had to cook the lot up and put in a crumble else it would of had to be the bin. Not as healthy once you add sugar and butter…

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