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Menu Monday 4th August 2014 - The Lean Times


Aug 5, 2014 Menu Monday 2 Comments

My life never stops amazing me! Last week, I was at home working on formatting my ebook to be a paper one then I get a call, go for a meeting and voila now I am working more than full time in a cool job for the summer. If you are a regular reader, you will know that my work seems to run dry in the summer without much notice. This January I am going to put a big sign on the fridge to remind me to save up for July.

What does this have to do with our menu? Well since I am getting home quite late I have had to adjust my meal planning to make sure everything is pretty quick and easy.

Monday – jerk chicken from Waitrose ( 3 for £10) with black beans and rice

Tuesday – lamb kofta (also 3 for £10) with Greek salad

Wednesday – sauteed shrimp with rocket and tomatoes over pasta

Thursday – warm lentil salad with honey glazed duck breasts

Friday – steak, chips and salad – hey it is Friday!!!

For more menus please visit Org Junkie.



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