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Menu Monday 31st October 2011 - The Lean Times


Oct 31, 2011 Menu Monday , , , 2 Comments

Happy Halloween!  How scary is this kitty?  No it is not my Vegas as he would not let me get within an inch of him with a stencil.

Last week, I survived quite well on the £10 Week Challenge but now my cupboards are bare and since I have started a new freelancing gig, my bank account will not see much money until a week from Friday.  Boo hiss, I was looking to take my beloved out for a meal for putting up with me during the £10 Challenge. Alas we must carry on.

Monday – My beloved is cooking and I have no idea what he will present

Tuesday – It is London Blogger Meetup so I will try to grab something on the road.

Wednesday – Slow cooker tacos with black beans from the freezer.

Thursday – Spaghetti Carbonara  with a crisp salad

Friday – Pan fried duck breast with red currant and port reduction with potatoes an green vegetables – hopefully someone will pay me by then.


Have a spooky week, for more menu ideas head over to OrgJunkie.


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