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Menu Monday 31st January 2011

Bye bye January, hello February!  Don’t we all love a quick month that takes us into Spring.

Monday – Roast chicken, saffron orzo, broccoli

Tuesday – Steak, mashed beans and salad – steak is such a treat!

Wednesday – Toulouse sausages with Puy lentils and golden mash

Thursday – Vegetable chili with polenta

Friday – Baked pollock with new potatoes

Most everything on the menu is from the freezer and cupboard with the exception of the fresh vegetables.

2 thoughts on “Menu Monday 31st January 2011”

  1. Hi Kristi, thanks for commenting. I usually do one or two meatless meals a week. It mostly depends upon what is in season and what deals I find. Your website is great, I will definitely pop over.

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