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Menu Monday 30th November 2009

I know it is not even December yet but I am full speed ahead with getting prepped for Xmas, hence the snowflakes.  I am doing a Christmas Craft Fair this weekend and need every spare second to make jewellery. In my freelance situation, I am going to be off for a bit over the holidays so I need to make some extra to keep my head above water.

What does this have to do with Menu Monday, you ask?  Well this means I will be eating most from my freezer this week. Thank goodness I have continued to feed my freezer so I have some yummy things.

Monday – Thanksgiving leftovers – we only had a teeny tiny Thanksgiving dinner but there is still enough turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes for a dinner for one.  I will make fresh green beans and broccoli to go with.

Tuesday – Freezer Chili, salad and garlic bread

Wednesday – Chorizo and white bean stew – very easy and will last a few days.

Thursday – It is the Freelancer’s Xmas party in London. I am hoping there will be nibbles, if not I will heat up more chili when I get home.

Friday – It is crunch time for getting all the jewellery finished and packed up to go the the fair so I might pop a chicken in the oven, serve with saffron orzo and vegetables. A girl has to keep her energy up, right?

Saturday – After eating snacks at the craft fair, I will make a quick omelette with tarragon and a salad.  I will hopefully be spending the evening replenishing my stock for fair day two.

Sunday – I am hoping my beloved will make me a lovely dinner when I get home from flogging my wares.

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  1. Hey Viviana – good luck with the jewellery fair, and I hope all your hard work pays off. The Freelancer Christmas do might have a few free chocolates on offer for nibbles! Penny x

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