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Menu Monday 2nd June 2014

It’s really Spring!!! So many lovely vegetables and easy cooking. This week I am working on Invisible Frugality. What’s that? It is being frugal without anyone noticing –  being cheap on the QT. Keep it under your hat.

Monday – broccoli pasta – I am not sure if I will add the anchovy, only if I find a tin in my cupboard.

Tuesday – Spring risotto with asparagus, courgette(zucchini) and peas

Wednesday – chili and honey pork steaks with spicy sweet potato mash and green beans

Thursday – beloved playing a gig, will get something easy on the road

Friday – grilled fennel, peppers and courgette with lamb sausages ( as a side, the veg is the star) with salad.

Do you have weeks of Invisible Frugality? How do you handle them, when the money is tight?

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3 thoughts on “Menu Monday 2nd June 2014”

  1. Shhh…I won’t tell any one about you being frugal without anyone noticing … but you do know that Frugal is the new black, right? 🙂 Great looking menu! (hopping over from Organized Junkie Menu Plan Monday)

  2. Always a good weekly read. I’ve wondered about weekend menus. The weekends throw my good planning efforts off kilter. How do you plan meals Saturday and Sunday?

  3. Hi Sandy, thanks for stopping by! Our weekends are a bit weird, since we don’t have kids we kind of free flow. I usually roast a chicken on Sundays if not that chicken gets moved to Monday. Saturdays are a bit strange as my man sometimes works so it is a bit of a leftover or salad night for me.

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