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Menu Monday 2nd July 2012

This is a super exciting week for us at Lean Times HQ – the new ebook, The Stylish Frugalista is almost finished, just in time for when the new season’s shopping yearn hits.  In other news, it is my birthday this week and I am getting two cute as anything kittens from my beloved. I can barely contain myself.

Monday – Roast chicken with lemon and thyme, new potatoes and green beans.

Tuesday – Slow cooker Ratatouille – bounced from last week but I have all the ingredients so no excuses this week.

Wednesday – Prosciutto and mozzarella tortellini with fresh tomato sauce. These were two packs for £1 in the market, too good to resist.

Thursday – My birthday, going out!

Friday – Kitten pick up day, yippeee!!! Truthfully, I have no idea what I will be cooking because I will be too busy playing with the kittens.  Ok, seriously I will be probably making cheeseburgers with latkes and salad. Quick and easy.

Have a marvelous week! For more menus visit OrgJunie.

I couldn’t resist putting in another photo of the boys, Pez has the red ribbon and Astro is wearing the blue.

1 thought on “Menu Monday 2nd July 2012”

  1. They are too cute! Congratulations on the new additions! I hope to read more about how they’re settling in. Oh, and Happy Birthday for Thursday 🙂

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