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Menu Monday 2nd August 2010 - The Lean Times


Aug 2, 2010 Menu Monday , , , , 3 Comments

I had a realization this weekend; I feel so much better when I sleep properly.  I know this is common knowledge but I have figured out that I get more tired as the week progresses.  I have two evenings when I get home especially late then go to bed later than normal after cooking and cleaning up so I have decided that the way to go is to plan two super easy, quick to make dinners.  These fast meals might include leftovers.

The other idea I have in my plan to make week nights easier, is to cook at least one major ingredient over the weekend to use during the week.  This will most probably be a slow cooker item but you never know.

Weekend Cooking – Easy Ratatouille and chicken stock in the slow cooker

Monday – Quick salad with pear, Serrano ham, blue cheese and greens

Tuesday – Pasta with peppers and mozzaralla

Wednesday – Ratatouille with pan fried fish

Thursday – Mushroom risotto with homemade chicken stock

Friday – Omelette filled with ratatouille and goat’s cheese

Saturday – Black beans ( from the freezer) with chilli and honey coated pork steaks

Sunday – Family day out so no cooking


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