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Menu Monday 28th March 2011

The clocks have gone forward and we are full speed ahead into spring, hurrah!  Unfortunately, we are in the hungry gap, the time between winter and spring vegetables.  If you have a look at Eat the Seasons, the list of vegetables it not very inspiring but we must persevere.  I am home a lot more this week so more cooking happening.

Monday – roast chicken – my beloved is making the supper so I have no idea what he is making with it.  We usually do a roast chicken once a week because it ti so versatile.  If you need some ideas have a look at Take One Chicken.

Tuesday – Pork Chops with Roasted Apples and Butternut Squash

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Black Beans served with leftover chicken in a burrito

Thursday – Homemade Hummus with pita and salad

Friday – Pan fried sea bass (found in the freezer) with Salsa Verde and boiled new potatoes

Have a great week! And if you want another dose of my wisdom (written with tongue in cheek), have a look at FruGal‘s newly designed site.  My post is called Financial Secrets: to keep or to share?  I hope you like it.

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