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Menu Monday 28th June 2010

It is really summer here in London so this week I will be cooking summer foods.  I wish I had a BBQ but alas I will have to make due with my oven and slow cooker.  Remember using your slow cooker in the summer keeps your kitchen cool.

Monday – Prawn madras curry with rice – a bit of heat to cool down

Tuesday – Pork steaks marninated in chilli, honey and lime juice serves with black beans and yellow rice.

Wednesday – Chicken Tagine in the slow cooker with couscous

Thursday – Chunky gazpacho with bread and cheese

Friday – Puy lentils with sausages

Saturday – Black beans (made last week in slow cooker) with slow cooker corn bread.  To do the corn bread recipe you will also have to go to the Quaker Corn Meal Site.

Sunday – Celebrating my birthday so I am not cooking anything and no one can make me.

Have a sunny week!

4 thoughts on “Menu Monday 28th June 2010”

  1. You really are making this fat boy from Lake Charles hungry! lol I guess I am spoiled to eating great food. We spice it up right and could care less about the fat. I figure we will die soon, but we’re having a blast along the way. lol Decided I would share a little recipe with you on cooking yummy my gumbo recipes . Just check the link out if you got to. This is the gumbo recipe that was given to me by my mawmaw around 30 years ago. She got it from her mom, so it goes way back. I built that little site on cajun people, so I would really love any feedback or thoughts on it. If you have a recipe that you would like to give me, I’d love to hear it. Here’s to tasty food and fine women! 🙂

  2. Sounds good! Is each meal for lunch, dinner or what? I know that when we make a menu, leftovers become the meals for other days. Maybe planning less than three meals per day would make up for that with us.

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