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Menu Monday 25th June 2012

Things are getting back to normal at Lean Times HQ, thank goodness. Unfortunately, money is quite tight so we will be eating what’s in the freezer and the pantry.  The only topping up will be from the bread and vegetable stalls in the market.

The photo is my Portobello market shop at the weekend. We ate most of it already except the eggs and bread for breakfast over the week. The grand total was £11.95.

Monday – Waitrose’s Moussaka that was supposed to be eaten last night but the football went on too long.

Tuesday – Warm goat’s cheese salad – I got the goat’s cheese two weeks ago and need to use it.

Wednesday – Poussin with garlic and rosemary – my lovely butcher had French poussins for £1.50 each

Thursday – Ratatouille in the slow cooker – I will use fresh herbs at the end instead of the dried ones. This is super cheap to make with all the great vegetable around.

Friday – Chili in the slow cooker – we will be able to eat it all weekend.

For more menus visit OrgJunkie.

2 thoughts on “Menu Monday 25th June 2012”

  1. Hi Erin, thanks for stopping by! I am an expat too, been in London for ages. I hope you like the ratatouille. Please visit again.

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