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Menu Monday 23rd November 2009

It is Thanksgiving week in the US so I am using the autumnal Menu Plan Monday picture even though it makes me a bit sad.  Why am I sad you ask?  This is the first Thanksgiving in about 10 years that I will not be sitting at the table with my family.  Instead I have the challenge of creating a Thanksgiving dinner for my beloved after a long day at work.

It will be difficult to get up the enthuisasm to prepare a lot of dishes just for the two of us, so please if you have any suggestions of recipes that are quick, easy and Thanksgivingy, drop me a comment.

Monday – Omelette with fresh tarragon and salad

Tuesday – Chicken orzo soup made from last week’s chicken

Wednesday – Pasta with broccoli and garlic Super quick so I can get on with Thanksgiving cooking

Thursday – Thanksgiving! I am not exactly sure what I am going to prepare but I am thinking some kind of stuffed chicken, root vegetable mash and green vegetables.  Please leave me a comment if you have any other suggestions.

Friday – Pan fried Sea Bass,  roast red pepper cous cous and salad.

Saturday – Faux Thanksgiving leftovers

Sunday – is a mystery.

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