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Menu Monday 23rd August 2010

This is most likely my busiest week of the year as I will be doing my regular work and preparing my big yearly sideline in the evenings.  I am tired already.  Therefore this week, I am going to try to be healthy but quick with lots from the freezer.  Bless the person that invented the freezer.

Monday – Pasta with fresh baby plum tomato and  prosciutto sauce

Tuesday – Black bean (from the freezer) burrito

Wednesday – Roast chicken with orzo and vegetables

Thursday – Simply Fish (bought on sale last week) with new potatoes and salad

Friday- Everything chicken salad – the whole crisper will be put in to make space in the fridge

Saturday – Will be working in the kitchen all day so I am going to cheat and put a pizza in the oven with salad – real cooking will just not be possible with the time and space constaints.

Sunday – Notting Hill Carnival! Jerk chicken with the works

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