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Menu Monday 22nd February 2010

It is easy peasy lemon squeezy week, which means not too much time spent in the kitchen.  Except on Tuesday when I am planning an experiment.

Monday – it seems like Monday has turned into Omelette Day so quick and easy.  This week my omelette will have mushrooms and Gruyère cheese accompanied by bread and Salad.

Tuesday – I am planning to get ambitious and make homemade pizza.  I am planning on buying the dough, maybe I will try to make dough on a weekend.

Wednesday – going out with a friend so will probably end up munching on leftover pizza.

Thursday – Cheese Tortellini in Broth because I made some beautiful chicken stock in my slow cooker.

Friday – Cod wrapped in pancetta that was bumped from last week.

Saturday – Family gathering so being fed and wined.

I am planning t0 make some black beans in the slow cooker this week for the freezer.

3 thoughts on “Menu Monday 22nd February 2010”

  1. Hello and thanks for commmenting. Unfortunately the homemade pizza has been bumped to Sunday but I promise to report back.

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