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Menu Monday 20th August 2012 - The Lean Times


Aug 20, 2012 Menu Monday , , 1 Comment

It has been a roller coaster of a week! I had my ebook published which was super exciting but of course with something good comes something bad, we both came down with horrible summer colds.

In other good news, I am being featured today on Blogher on the home page and in the Career topic as a BlogHer Spotlight!.This is a great honor! I am delighted.

Monday – Beloved cooking roast chicken with mystery side dishes.

Tuesday –  Mezze – homemade houmus, lamb koftas (on sale 3 for £10 at Waitrose) and salad – bounced from last week

Wednesday – Israeli coucous salad with leftover cold roast chicken from Monday. I am in love with Israeli couscous at the moment.

Thursday – One of our favourites – lamb chops with Greek salad

Friday – Southwestern stuffed peppers

For more menus head over to OrgJunkie.



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