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Menu Monday 1st September 2014 - The Lean Times


Sep 1, 2014 Menu Monday 5 Comments

I have not been around here much, new freelancing job is taking up nearly all my time. Regardless, it is still crucial to me to make a meal plan otherwise I will be tempted to eat ready meals or grab the take out menu. Things have changed a bit for me when I got this position – this is the first time in years that I am making enough money to pay all my bills and breathe. Yes breathe, what a luxury!

With this new job comes a new set of challenges which I will be writing about soon. It also comes with being able to have steak on the menu once in a while – yipee!

Now on with the menu –

Monday – Peri peri chicken with spicy rice – I am cheating a bit on this one, I got the chicken pre-marinated.

Tuesday – perogies with fried onions and apple sauce

Wednesday – steak, chips and salad

Thursday – fresh baby plum tomato sauce with chilli and prawns over spaghetti

Friday – pan fried sea bass with baby potatoes and green beans.

For more menus visit Org Junkie.


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