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Menu Monday 1st September 2014

I have not been around here much, new freelancing job is taking up nearly all my time. Regardless, it is still crucial to me to make a meal plan otherwise I will be tempted to eat ready meals or grab the take out menu. Things have changed a bit for me when I got this position – this is the first time in years that I am making enough money to pay all my bills and breathe. Yes breathe, what a luxury!

With this new job comes a new set of challenges which I will be writing about soon. It also comes with being able to have steak on the menu once in a while – yipee!

Now on with the menu –

Monday – Peri peri chicken with spicy rice – I am cheating a bit on this one, I got the chicken pre-marinated.

Tuesday – perogies with fried onions and apple sauce

Wednesday – steak, chips and salad

Thursday – fresh baby plum tomato sauce with chilli and prawns over spaghetti

Friday – pan fried sea bass with baby potatoes and green beans.

For more menus visit Org Junkie.

5 thoughts on “Menu Monday 1st September 2014”

  1. I’m happy things are going well in your career department. Reading your blog when my daughter was in school in London helped me feel I had a lifeline for her when she was stressed, overwhelmed with cultural differences, or feeling like she wanted to come home. I’d send her links via twitter, or in an e-mail, for a friendly and knowledgeable voice of an expat in London. We learned about the good deals, and how to navigate the high London costs. Now that she’s back in the states, but trying to figure out her next move, my son as well with both pursuing careers in the arts, having a portfolio career is on the options as not only viable, but could be optimal.

  2. Hi Sam, thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely comment. It must have been tough for you when your daughter was on this side of the pond. Yes it can be stupidly expensive if you try to live an American style life here. I am delighted that the blog helped both of you.

    I wish you would have gotten in touch, perhaps I could have tailored some shopping advice for her based on where she was living. I am sure you are glad to have her back in the same country as you are.

    Thank you you for taking the time to read The Lean Times. Lots of love, Viviana xx

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