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Menu Monday 1st February 2010

Happy February!  We are another step closer to Spring, yipee!  Last week I was in hospital for one day then it took me the rest of the week to actually feel somewhat normal so this week is a week of cooking the easiest way possible because I need to catch up.  I am planning to cook a few big meals to have thoughout the week.

Sunday  – I made a big pot of chili to take for lunch.

Monday –   Easiest dinner possible omelette and salad

Tuesday – Easy Lemony Snicket Chicken in the Slow Cooker served with rice and vegetables.

Wednesday – Flash fry steak with black beans from the freezer

Thursday –   Risotto with leftover lemon chicken and mushrooms and salad

Friday –  Pan fried fish with roasted tomatoes

Saturday – Coq au Vin in the Slow Cooker with garlic mash and green beans

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