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Menu Monday 1st August 2011

This is my first official week of not working, yes it is not the happiest of situations but here at The Lean Times, we persevere. So in the tradition of Dave Ramsey, we are going bonkers for beans this week.

I started our bonkers for beans week with making Slow Cooker Black Beans.  After the huge amount of black beans I made, my beloved was horrified.  Thank goodness, I am freezing part of the batch.

Monday – black beans, yellow rice with fried chorizo on top.

Tuesday – Greek salad with grilled lamb chops ( on sale at Tesco- four meats for £12)

Wednesday – Chili honey pork steaks (part of the four for £12 at Tesco) with rice and black beans

Thursday – Homemade pizza with fresh tomatoes and basil – being out of work has some advantages, like making dough

Friday – Huevos Rancheros with some more black beans on the side.

I was going to make more recipes with my black black beans but I feared there might be a mutiny in The Lean Times household.

Have a great week and if you want to see more menus head over to OrgJunkie.

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