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Menu Monday 18th January 2010

This week I have decided to put the Economy Gastronomy method to the test.  The Economy Gastronomy method is to make one bedrock ingredient then make tumble down meals.  I think this will work especially well with my slow cooker so I decided that my bedrock ingredient would be black beans.

Bedrock Recipe –  Slow Cooker Black Beans

Monday – Chili and Honey Chicken Legs served with black bean and yellow rice.

Tuesday – Brie and mushroom omelette with salad

Wednesday – Chicken and black bean burrittos – I will use the meat from Monday’s leftover chicken

Thursday – Going to the Big Swish so will take a sandwich to work.

Friday – Huevos Rancheros with some chorizo to make it more dinnery.

By Friday night I will probably have used all the black beans and will probably want something different like kidney beans.

Saturday – Brazilian beef stew with coffee made in the slow cooker.  I am going to serve this with mashed sweet potatoes and something green.  I could not find a link on line but if you want the recipe drop me a line and I can send it to you.

Happy eating.

3 thoughts on “Menu Monday 18th January 2010”

  1. Hi, I followed you here from Org Junkie. Great menu plan. I always strive to use as much of the same ingredients as possible. I love cooking with beans. I’d love to have a pressure cooker so that I could cook them in large batches very quickly.

    B the way, I would love the recipe for the Brazilian Beef Stew!

  2. For all my lovley readers that would like the Brazilian Beef Stew receipe – I am going to test it out this weekend then I will sent it out. I don’t want to give out a bad recipe. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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