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Menu Monday 16th January 2012

This is an interesting week food wise, I am joining Penny Golightly and several others to only spend £10 or $15.31 for the whole week.  There are rules and staying at home watching TV is not an option.  Please join in or just follow our progress via the Twitter tag #10week.

To prepare for this week of austerity, I stocked up at the market and got several bargains at Waitrose.  Did you know they do big markdowns on Sunday about an hour before closing?  We can almost eat for the entire week on the discounts we got for £16.

Monday – beloved is cooking me a mystery meal

Tuesday – Chicken Kiev with green beans (£2 on discount)

Wednesday – Black beans and rice

Thursday – Roasted butternut squash risotto with pan fried duck breasts

Friday – Steak and mushroom pie with mash potatoes and peas (£1.39 each on discount)

I am sorry for premade food but when it is on offer, it is hard to resist.  Also this week is a bit action packed as I am working extra long hours at work  and am partisipating in  £10 week.  More home cooking and recipes next week I promise!

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