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Menu Monday 14th November 2011

We are trying to eat a bit more vegetarian this week.  This has not come about on purpose but because my lovely butcher is a too successful and sold out of  almost everything by noon on Saturday. I am not sure my beloved will be thrilled with less meat on the table but I am going to make a roast chicken to satisfy his meat cravings.


Monday – Pasta with fresh cherry tomato sauce and mozzarella

Tuesday – Roast chicken with  potatoes and green vegetables

Wednesday – Butternut squash gnocchi with mushroom sauce

Thursday – White bean stew with chorizo and any leftover chicken from Tuesday

Friday – being taken out for a curry – YUM!


Have a great week and visit OrgJunkie for more weekly menus.





2 thoughts on “Menu Monday 14th November 2011”

  1. Fingers crossed on the gnocchi, I have never made it before. I am hoping that if it is good, I can make a big batch to freeze. Thanks for commenting.

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