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Menu Monday 12th May 2014

Hello good looking! Thanks for stopping by today – I actually need your help, I am looking for some tasty, quick recipes for my new site Kick Butt Club. It is aimed at entrepreneurs, who are usually time poor, prefer to sit in front of the computer and order rubbish food delivery as opposed to cooking something a bit  healthy.

I think these people are like myself when working on a project – fueled with caffeine and sugar. I am on a mission to show these guys that you can cook a healthy meal almost as easily as you can order a pizza.

Do you have great, fast recipes? What is your go to meal when you are stressed or busy? Please leave me a comment.

Monday – Roast chicken with new potatoes and peas

Tuesday – Quinoa Tabbouleh with spicy lamb sausages

Wednesday – Kale, spinach, goat cheese pasta

Thursday – pizza night – I have a late meeting

Friday – Spanish rice and prawn one pot

For more menu ideas visit OrgJunkie. And please send me any quick and easy recipes!

2 thoughts on “Menu Monday 12th May 2014”

  1. I think you have some great recipes. I hope you get some great links for your KickButt site. You can stop by my site and check some of mine out.

  2. This sounds like a delicious week to me. I like to keep some mac and cheese on hand. I’ll cook up some turkey bacon and chop it up. Then I throw it in the mac and cheese and whip up a salad consisting of whatever veggies are in need of consumption. Its not the healthiest meal ever, but with portion control it can be a real winner.

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